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What is a Geopark?
Geoparks are large, clearly defined regions that present the inner connections of the earth's history on the basis of selected tourism offerings. Environmental education and conservation are of particular importance.

What is the 'Schieferland Geopark'?
The 'Schieferland Geopark' was founded on 17th June 2009.
At the intersection of the three nature parks, Thüringer Schiefergebirge/Obere Saale, Thüringer Wald and Frankenwald, everything revolves around the slate - the blue gold above and below ground.

These tranquil places possess a very special charm with their ornate, black-blue slate roofs. Atmospheric landscapes emerge, nestled in lush green meadows and forests.

The concentration of historic slate quarries testifies to the once flourishing, worldwide sales of the raw material, whether as slate tiles from Ludwigsstadt, as the corresponding style from Steinach, or from the art of slate roofing as taught in Lehesten. In addition, the region offers a wealth of interesting geological features, visitor mines and exhibitions.

Discover 300 million-year-old 'blue gold' on scenic geo-paths, and sparkling minerals in old mines, or try your hand at slate cutting! Welcome!


What is a Geotope?
Geotopes are earth history formations of inanimate nature that convey knowledge about the evolution of the earth or of life. They include outcrops of rocks, soils, minerals and fossils, as well as individual creations of nature and parts of the natural landscape. As documentation of the history of the earth and of life, they are especially valuable.

Where can I get information?

The Geopark Information Centre is located in the Naturpark-Haus in Leutenberg. Explanatory information about typical rocks and their formation is given here. There is also a map showing the most interesting geotopes in the Geopark, as well as museums and exhibition sites on the subjects of slate and geology.  The treasure chamber in the Naturpark-Haus also features a collection of minerals from local finds. More rocks and a geological relief of the slate mountains are displayed in the outdoors area in the NaturParkWelten.

Opening hours of the Naturpark-Haus: Mon - Thu 8am - 3.30pm, Fri 8am - 1pm,and also on Sundays from May to September from 2pm - 6pm

The NaturParkWelten are open throughout.

Address: Wurzbacher Straße 16 in 07338 Leutenberg

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